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Our Happy Clients

Check out our most recent testimonials...

We felt something was missing from the current training we had in place... and that was Nicole.

Empeiria training was recommended to us in Dec 2021 and Nicole has been solely delivering all of our inhouse manual handling training since January 2022 as the training provider we were using at the time was not of the expected standard.

Our service users have varying complex health and physical needs which require a highly skilled team to support safely. 

We felt something was missing from the current training we had in place... and that was Nicole. 

Not only is every session delivering the knowledge and skill that the team need to complete their role safely, Nicole's energy, friendliness and professionalism ensures that every session is thoroughly enjoyed by all. She is a font of knowledge. Gone are the days when the team would dread a refresher course coming up, everyone is eager to see Nicole again for a fun filled day of learning. 

We can't thank her enough for her fantastic support to the service and the team. 

Thanks again Nicole have a fantastic festive period and we'll catch you in the New year. All the best 😘

1st Enable

Nicole was absolutely great she always makes sure we understand what we have been learning and makes it fun and easy!

Excellent PBS and Mental Health First Aid Training 👍 highly recommend the training from Empeiria.

The training given was highly informative and will be put go great use within my role at 1st Enable. The trainer made us all feel at ease and encouraged us to use real scenarios and experiences that we feel that the training could be put to use and how it could be used to improve life for the people we support. It is training like this that really enables us to do the best for the people we support.

We just completed our first week of training with Empeiria for 1st Enable and our trainer put us all at ease by making the days both informative and fun. Fab work from the trainer for passing on your experience and showing us all a person-centred approach 🙏

The Training will help me to improve the quality of the services that i provide to the people i support, during the training lots of examples were given which helped me to apply it to various situations. The trainer is an excellent facilitator which helped me to put things into context.

I think the safeguarding training that Empeiria provide is brilliant, all other safeguarding training that i have attended has been the standard training, Empeiria's Training is really detailed which helps us to really understand why we do what we do, what has happened in the past and the importance of following the safeguarding process.

The moving and handling training was very informative; the trainer went out of her way to ensure she went through any scenario's that we had and how we might be able to safely move people if these situations happen again in the future.

Following the training I know that I would be confident to administer first aid efficiently and effectively. The people we support will feel safer knowing that I have the ability to help them if they ever need it. The trainer made the training fun and engaging, I enjoyed it, thank you.

Re-Enabled Support Services (Nantwich)

The PBS training will improve my practice by putting all that I have learned to improve the quality of life of the people I support I thoroughly enjoyed the training Keep it up!

The training was very interactive and educational, it will surely improve my practice. The training was perfect in my opinion.

Support To Independence (Wirral)

Great Manual Handling training by Empeiria the session was informative and fun which doesn’t happen often together, I would highly recommend.

Fantastic Training I usually dread moving and handling but the trainer made the training fun and interactive, the day flew by. 

Excellent Training, the Trainer was personable, friendly articulate and funny this made the training enjoyable and educational. 

Best most informative Moving and handling training I have attended in over 20+ years, The trainer was experienced and informative and I have learnt more on this moving and handling course that any I have done. I really enjoyed the training it was so informative but fun and interactive too. The trainer explained everything in detail and ensured I understood before moving on. she answered all the questions I had. 

Manchester City Council

Thank you very much Empeiria Training - the feedback from all who attended has been excellent across the team (and that is not always the case when I put training together!) so I'm really pleased that we've got this over the line.  We're already reviewing some of our key cases where neurodiversity is a factor, looking at them with fresh eyes and assessing what we can do differently - which is exactly what I wanted.  Please pass on my thanks to your expert by experience and your colleagues.

Sleaford Laffletics (Lincoln)

We would like to thank Nicole Jones and Empeiria Training and Consulting for delivering our volunteers their first aid training. Also a big shout out to our volunteers who gave their precious time up to attend the course 😊

We would highly recommend Nicole, as the afternoon was informative, knowledgeable, hands-on, relaxed and easy to follow, whilst both straight to the point and reassuring.

Bonzai Living (Nottingham)

The PBS training delivered was very insightful and very useful for all staff members. The class was well presented and entertaining. We were very invested and engaged at all the information presented as everyone gained a clearer understanding on the situations they face regarding challenging behaviour. I highly recommend PBS training. 

Empeiria Training is all about offering training that is unique and bespoke to your organisation and its needs. Backed by decades of experience, we offer a safe environment for face-to-face learning, with our specialism being working with people with learning disabilities.
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